Torquato Tasso’s “Silent woods and rivers”

By Torquato Tasso (1544-1595)
My Translation
Silent woods and rivers,
And the ocean lays, waveless,
As the caves and winds call a peaceful truce,
And as the night is dark
The moon is white in lofty silence;
And we keep in secret
The sweetness of love:
Love does not speak or breathe–
Our kisses, silent; my sighs, silent.
Original Italian
Tacciono i boschi e i fiumi,
E ‘l mar senza onda giace,
Ne le spelonche i venti han tregua e pace,
E ne la notte bruna
Alto silenzio fa la bianca luna;
E noi tegnamo ascose
Le dolcezze amorose:
Amor non parli o spiri,
Sien muti i baci e muti i miei sospiri.

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