Today We Lost Dave King

In the forest,
A bell chimed—
He made a lonely walk.
On a rock he sat
And watched the clouds
That passed into the twilight.
He followed a stream
And found himself
In a home of love.
Light colored the clouds
And night slipped past
The coldness of the moon.
She came by the bedside,
The angel of the night,
And kissed his weary head.
His final breath had left
For a land of freedom—
She called his name.
Bones mix with clay,
But notes still echo
In the valley of joy.
There’s nothing to fear
When the clock strikes
And heaven takes us home.
With sadness, we
learned that Dave King, fellow poet and dVerse community member, passed away on
Friday, October 4, 2013. You can find his blog and poetry at:

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