The Tarot Sun (a micropoetry series)

child rider
free to follow the light—
a seeker of love’s embrace

always seeking the sun
while tied to the earth

reader of the codes
that are interwoven
in the fabric
between then & now
between heaven & earth

seeds that grow
in the life force
that surrounds us all
to rise above the earth
only to be buried once more

pushing ahead
slowly, back against the sun—
it’s step by step for some
and careless joy
for the ones they carry

walls between us
blocking the sun
yet life still finds a way

reaching out in all directions
to feed this land of life

in a history told in threads—
going forward
and sometimes backwards
but always led by light

stone by stone
we build to the sky
one row short of the light

with stones we build
with horses we move—
from plain beginnings
to the life we seek

in the forest
of withered time—
carried forward
by the light of repentance

we leave the fort
surrounded in stone
to set out free
for another light

with a charge
the rider leads the way—
red in courage
red in blood

the sun circles time
as it points the way
back and forth
in changing shades

placid heavens
among the human excess

dancing by the tree
brought forth
in the radiation of life

marching for the source
of daydreamed light

by foot or horse
we will get there to drink
of the sunlit source

within the light
within the tree—
it’s all a single source
from where we spring

how small the king’s horses
and all the king’s men
beneath the guiding light

moonlit reflection
spilled on the walls
of daydreamed imagination

away from the sun
as the shade grows ever dark

away, away
the rope will bring me home
another day

man and woman
entwined by the light
in a circle of life

garlanded, we cannot flee—
we stay only for the light

holding each other
willingly trapped
and wrapped in the warmth
of the sun’s embrace

grass and flower
between the steps
of the path we walk

from ancient times
but the writing
is all the same
beneath the living sun

carried by the wind—
this handwritten message
I’ve sent to you

riding away
she was always drawn
to another’s light

rain drop sky
between the light
that used to be
of what once
was you and me

in waves or lines
we run, we flee
but there’s nowhere to hide
from the light that sees

we fall in circles
and despite our wings
have yet to fly

in open plains
we skip and play—
perhaps we’ll fly
another day

the sun
stays watching over
as a father should

the child
runs another way
as a child would

within without
going deeper into
the sunlit radiation
that’s all about

the elements of life
circling, forming shapes
of triangles, stars—
creating meaning for man
and mind from light

sleeping with the light
embracing the wind—
here she lies
naked to the universe

fire in each hand
encircling the world—
life in love’s embrace

sun above
the fire within
outside it’s night
but here is only light

joined forever
like Adam and Eve
before the fall

lovers in the land
sharing the Book
beneath their guiding light

pointing onward
we follow the light
in times we cannot see

circulating, recreating—
as life is buried and grows again

she reaches for the sun
to pull it down
on this barren land

becoming the sun
as we move ever further
into the cosmos

trees and flowers
on every path—
why take the one
that leads away?

seeing all
and being all—
we follow the flow
in a cycle
of life and death

going beyond land
and language—
out into the shores
where there is only sun

wrapped up
between the sun and sea
we scale the mountains
free with destiny

stones in our steps
built by men
from ancient lands
that rise to the sky
on a sunlit day

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