The Tarot Star (a micropoetry series)

night lit
with angel stars—
I find the way

lost among
the shadow lights—
which path to take?

diamond sky
in the early morn—
I follow the river path

vessel upon vessel—
I drink from the cup of life

poured in two directions—
I follow the path that leads to home

cup of life
poured empty
drip by drip

source spring
sought from and found
from empty hopes

two sources:
the one you see
and the one you don’t

somewhere beyond
there lies the goal
you have not known

littered dust
has gathered into hills
to form the ore
of fresh made fortunes

rippled waves
unending in their motion
for those who dive
and take it in

golden light
along the fields of folly

fertile motion
brought and given back
to the fields of waiting

she fled there
somewhere alone
to find the source
of poured out dreams

flowers fill
the meadows of sun
when eyes are closed
and dreams are open wide

two vessels
for every choice
lead one back there
by either path

flowers grow
in every which way:
fast or slow
she never strays

many stars
in open sky
however far
they never lie

the center cannot hold
when walking different ways
the one that’s made of gold
will never lead astray

you sing a song
while far away you plea—
it’s never long
the time you’ve spent with me

golden tree
with nary a leaf
for nighttime tea

well growing
across the plains
fertile soil deep
to inner realms

soil surrounds
planted deep with crops—
the falcon looks on
where the light shines
on creatures born

wrapped in a swirl
as we struggle
to stay afloat

the golden path
wraps the seeker
in an endless tide
of destruction

floating above
where one cannot see
he watches
your aimless path

all is green
on the other side
of the tidal maze

the whole world
fits into the hand
of the one who seeks

forever floating
around and within
the mystery of life

opening one tree
the vines lead to another
and we swing into oblivion

free falling
within the tall grass
deep where we cannot see
as the waves of eternity
wash over it all

gathering the starlight
in the reflective pools
of eternal life

one line leads to another
as we cross the mountain ranges
and desert sands flattened
beneath the starlight
that guides our way

pouring out the excess
we learn what we learn
and discard the rest

her mane of gold
collects the starlight
and touches the depths
to give birth to a new generation

sinking into the sand
to become one with the earth
the light, and all the universe

filling the bowl
with the remnants of light
the seeds to a new generation

formless like the sea
but formed of sand
and shaped into
our guiding light

the river flows
in both directions
we spread our arms
and let be what may

it is one
beneath the stars
within the earth
many directions
all join the source

the bird calls out
beyond sight
beyond sound
we do not hear
but continue on our way

out from sand springs life
a desert oasis of our dreams

this tree brings life
among the dead land
among the waste
of human desire

pouring out our goals
on the land sometimes receptive
where little grows
and much remains

broken night
among the faint echo
of the starlight’s flight

diving the meaning
as particles joined
now fall apart
among the endless sand
among the faint radiation
bearing down from above

wrapped in time
bearing down on our souls
as the words flow
wherever the wind
and sands will go

thoughts connected like a string
to past and present
to sand and wind
to eternity
beneath the nighttime heavens
that watch in silence from above

collecting the source
for all that flows above the earth
embracing what is not known
and can never be discovered

growing out of nothing
springing forth from this dead land
where all is lost
and human remains have disappeared
like artifacts in the wind

tied in a bow
beneath the light and wind
sent to reap the dead land
for new life to join with old

beneath the stars
illuminated by their light
within the water of life
and the endless paths
to eternal salvation

blue within the orbs
meditating on the source
as light leaks in
little by little
as with osmosis

pouring out my old life
for a new one
to join what’s cracked
and build what’s new

waving the light
like someone new
that’s fallen upon this land
to make it one

joining beneath the light
like Adam and Eve
before the Fruit
before Temptation
when all was possible
and man had yet to dream
of the Tree of Life

in a ritual
we pray for the light
the fruit, and the wheat
sources of it all
brought forth by the Creator

entwined by the roots
planted deep within the Earth
as one with each other
and all the living things

blood and light
springing from dual sources
to mix into the spring
of human life

formed of pillars
carried by the earth
to shine on the light-born
luminescence of our being

perching nearby
the dove cannot be seen
but under the light
when we seek
and do not speak

planting stars
where dreams are buried

pouring light
when all is dark

broken on a bank
spreading the water of life
to reach another shore

surrounded by life
full of the light
when there had been none

falling, falling
beneath these cliffs
when there is little
between what is
and what is not

one jug empty
the other not
as life pulls
in two directions

kissing the star
that’s led to this spot
alone, before it all began

dreaming of another star
when all you dream
is within the earth

stretching beneath the light
the blackness of night
becomes a vision
for the length of a candle’s life

illuminated from the shore
you float and float
within your shell
a jewel to another’s eye

within the bay
you lie waiting
between the waves
for the safety
of another day

clouds above it all
shine their water mist
on starlight wings
within the night

seeing it all
the owl of night
speaks in notes
between the light

the forest deer
runs always
beneath the starlight
to carry its notes
to youthful waters

beyond human life
the turtle
knows the light
and little more

they both feed the lotus
which will spring forth
as another life
in another year

in dark shores
she enters the spring
beneath the light
that no one sees

reaching for heaven
when pulled to earth
there’s nothing left
beyond her birth

moving the light
with whispered lips

the horseman lead on
to play a game
with the followers of light

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