The Song They Sang

The spirits
Have gone away
But in these ruins
I hear the sacred sound
Of the song they sang


Original Text

Modern Text


高市黒人 高市黒人 Takechi no Kuroto
樂浪乃 楽浪の Sasanami no
國都美神乃 国つ御神の Kunitsumi-kami no
浦佐備而 うらさびて Ura sabite
荒有京 荒れたる都 Aretaru Miyako
見者悲毛 見れば悲しも Mireba kanashimo


Translation Notes

Poem from Takechi no Kuroto , when he saw the ruined palace.

楽浪の In sasanami
国つ御神の The holy sprits
うらさびて Become vanished
荒れたる都 Ruined place
見れば悲しも Become nostalgic to see ( ruined palace)

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