A tanka from Kokinshu, “You kindle my heart”

In this promises, a woman promises to lover her partner until the waves overrun Mount Suenomatsu, a mountain in northern part of the main island in Japan.
Suenomatsu is the name of a mountain, but “Sue no” means “to the end” and “pine” is a symbol for waiting because it has the same pronunciation as the character “to wait” or “matsu.” So together, the mountain’s name symbolizes “wait until the end.”
 My Translation
You kindle my heart
And I will hold the flame
Until the end—
When the waves
Cross over the Mountain Pine!
Original Japanese
Kimi wo okite
Adashi gokoro wo
Waga motaba
Sue no matsu-yama
Nami mo koenan
Literal Translation
You kindle
My heart
Me hold when/if
Suenomatsu Mountain
Waves cross-over !

 Sue no matsu = end of pines

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