Seas to MulberriesIn a journey across the landscapes of time and place, between the changes in life like the evolution of sand and sea, Watson’s poetry tells of the human heart through tiny stories and images that linger in the mind as a meditation of the soul.

Hear what his readers have to say:

“When poetry comes to life, heart and soul must touch. The beauty of Watson’s words leads me to that one deep breath.”
—SilentFeather (Germany), Twitter: @SilentFeather

“A poignantly beautiful and imaginative journey that delights all the senses, as well as touches your heart! A ‘must read’ for all poetic souls.”
—Cynthia Sierra (America), Twitter: @azdesertr0se

“Minipoetry by a master! Frank Watson has an amazingly effective ability to share strong visual universes in a few words, in ways that are sometimes tender, sad, sarcastic, or mysterious.”
—Marie-Laure Tena (France), Twitter: @MlteTena

“A highly evocative collection of micropoetry which can be taken from the shelf again and again. I see more each time I read. There’s an added bonus of translations from old Chinese and Japanese poetry which complements this collection.”
—gennepher (United Kingdom), Twitter: @gennepher

“Frank Watson’s micropoetry on Twitter is like gold leaves floating in the wind. It’s refreshing to see his words in a bound format. I believe readers will find Seas to Mulberries equally illuminating.”
—Alisha A. (America),

“A collection that is both sensuous and graceful; I found myself drifting into a tranquil garden of dancing words and imagery. The eloquence is revealed in the rhythm as each page prances past the reader. A highly recommended compilation of words become art.”
—Patricia Zarounas Murphy (Australia), Twitter: @TrishZe

“Frank writes with insight and intellect. His poems are poignant, life affirming and inspirational. A true joy of the poetic form. Beautiful – thank you Frank Watson for your talent.”
—Sandra Reston (United Kingdom), Twitter: @sandrareston