Frank Watson’s new poetry collection with Plum White Press available for preorder during National Poetry Month

(New York, New York- April 21,2020) Plum White Press announced today that Frank Watson’s third poetry collection, In the Dark Soft Earth: Poetry of Love, Nature, Spirituality, and Dreams (ISBN 9781939832207) will be available via Ingram in July. At a time when many of us feel chaos and fear, with an array of health and economic pressures, poetry is even more important in allowing us to step back and reflect on the deeper, more enduring meaning that lies within our lives.

This 230 page collection is a must have for existing fans and is the perfect starting point for new readers. In this new poetry collection, Watson finds meaning in the subtle underpinnings of this earth, leaving the reader with a mosaic of unforgettable imagery and lyricism. In the Dark, Soft Earth will be available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and Audible formats.  The book is currently ranked #1 in new releases available for preorder on Amazon in the Haiku and Japanese Poetry category.

Watson explains, “This book is filled with sensuous images and verses that serve as a doorway to contemplating what lies behind the emotions and dreams that underpin our lives—a world filled with weeping woods, moonlit ecstasy, omens, and mysterious symbolism. These poems take apart the elements of life and reassemble them in search of meaning.”

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Review copies are available via Netgalley and Edelweiss or by emailing [email protected], who can arrange interviews as well.

About In the Dark, Soft Earth: 

Dig into this delectable journey through the dark, sensual, and ravishing poetry of Frank Watson. Ruminate the searing to the sultry as you absorb this haunting lilt of burning carnality. The poems ignite rapid and surprising shifts in focus and perspective as they twist and turn your preconceptions, allowing the implications to linger in your thoughts. Vignette verses explore the workings of love, nature, spirituality, and dreams with sprinklings of tarot symbolism and jazzy blues. Together these verses contemplate the subtle underpinnings of a soft earth.

About Frank Watson:

Frank Watson was born in Venice, California and now lives in New York. He enjoys literature, art, calligraphy, history, jazz, landscape design, and international travel. Publications include The Dollhouse Mirror, Seas to Mulberries, One Hundred Leaves (translator and editor), The Poetry Nook Anthology (editor), The dVerse Anthology (editor), Fragments (editor), and The Poetry Nook Journal vols. 1-5 (editor). His work has appeared in various literary journals, anthologies, e-zines, and literary blogs.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @FrankWatsonPoet


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Plum White Press is a small press literary publisher specializing in poetry. Published books include Celestial Euphony by Martin Elster; Monsoon Turbulence by M V Fabiyas; One Hundred Leaves, Seas to Mulberries, and The Dollhouse Mirror by Frank Watson; and several anthologies and journals.

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