Miscellaneous Verse

You who’ve come and seen my hometown hue
Would know the news from there, I must presume:
That day you left, outside the window view,
Had winter’s plums begun to wear their bloom?

Chinese Pronunciation
雜詩 Zá Shī
君自故鄉來, Jūn zì gù xiāng lái,
應知故鄉事。 Yīng zhī gù xiāng shì。
來日綺窗前, Lái rì qǐ chuāng qián,
寒梅著花未。 Hán méi zhuó huā wèi?

Literal Character Translation
Miscellaneous Verse
Gentleman himself home country comes,
Must know home country matters.
Come day silk window front,
Cold plums wear flowers not-yet.

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