Micropoetry 7-6-2020

between the broken rocks
we drink the source of life

into the corners
where every edge
is a piece of life

written in the texture
of this living testament
I follow the words
wherever they may go



  1. What about the body-centric foundations that lie beneath the symbol patterns? How are they interwoven into a one?

    1. When I write, the poems usually come to me directly as an image from the subconscious, and I don’t start to think about what it might mean until after I’ve already written them. When I try to do it before writing, it ends up stifling the flow of ideas I’m trying to release. So there may be body-centric foundations somewhere from within that subconscious space that’s driving the images I’m seeing, but the direct image is usually not body-centric. For example, in these three poems, the images I’m seeing are in the natural world–rocks and canyons, dried earth, artifacts from thousands of years ago–but I am also seeing the connection humans have with this environment, so there is a body-centric connection to the natural world. In other words, I’m looking at the connection between humans and the environment we’ve grown up in and been a part of its evolution and story. But the beautiful thing about seeing things symbolically in images is that the meaning is different for every person–your personal experience, knowledge, transmitted culture and legend, etc. fills in the meaning in a way that’s different than mine but just as real.

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