Micropoetry 5-14-2020

dancing in the light
of the eternal land
among the rays
that fall along
the cycle of life

snow fountain
drops in the air
she opens to
the spirits there

the forest maiden’s tears
have always flowed
into the spring of life

climbing crystalline branches
until I’m caught as a kite
unable to float away

in the words
of the world
her letters flow
like fragments
left behind

between the worlds
of here and there
while the notes
still linger in my mind

free flowing
in the dance of the ones
I’ve left behind

as the city
swallows the land
in height and girth
it topples little by little
as grains of sand

bathing in
the woodland tears
as I wash away
in time and space

wrapped in the notes
that whistle through the limbs
as I play a game
for the Northern Wind

beneath the trees
the webs have fallen
to whisk me from
this whirlwind of life

on an island
beneath the moon
written in the tunes
that the sleep within
a child’s eyes


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