The lonely night

This tanka, written by Kakinomoto no Hitomaru (柿本の人麻呂), says the night will be as long as the long, flowing tail of the copper pheasant if he cannot be with his lover.
My Translation
On a mountain slope
The tail of the copper pheasant
Flows and flows—
So long, like this night
If I’m to sleep alone
Original Japanese
Ashi-biki no
Yama-dori no o no
Shidari-o no
Naga-nagashi yo wo
Hitori kamo nen
Literal Translation
Mountain slope’s(1)
Mountain bird’s tail’s
Long hanging tail’s
Long, long night
Alone maybe sleep?

(1) The first word, “ashi-biki” actually does not have a literal meaning. It is a “pillow word” generically used in a mountain setting.

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