Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer’s “If the little bluebells sway” (Rhyme XVI)

If the little bluebells sway
   on your balcony,
and you think the wind passes
with a sigh,
know that, concealed between
the green leaves,
   I sigh.
If, vaguely buzzing behind
you, there is
   a confusing sound,
and you think your name is
   by a distant voice,
know that, within the shadows
surrounding you,
   I call you.
If the late, late night stirs
up fear
   in your heart,
and you feel a burning breath
   on your lips,
know that, although
invisible, I breathe
   beside you.
Original Spanish
Si al mecer las azules
   de tu balcón,
crees que suspirando pasa el
sabe que, oculto entre las
verdes hojas,
   suspiro yo.
Si al resonar confuso a tus
   vago rumor,
crees que por tu nombre te ha
   lejana voz,
sabe que, entre las sombras
que te cercan,
   te llamo yo.
Si se turba medroso en la
alta noche
   tu corazón,
al sentir en tus labios un
sabe que, aunque invisible,
al lado tuyo,
   respiro yo.

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