Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer’s “Flying arrow crossing, ~ thrown by chance”

My Translation
Rhyme II
Flying arrow crossing,
thrown by chance,
trembling, with no one knowing
where it’ll land;
dry tree leaf,
snatched by wind,
and no one guessing the rut
where it’ll return to dust;
giant wave ravaged by wind
and pushed to sea,
rolling and passing, not knowing
the beach it’s searching for;
light of those quivering circles,
shining, soon to go out,
and no one knows
which of them will be the last;
as am I, who crosses the world
by chance without thinking
of where I came from
or where my steps will take me.
Original Spanish
Rima II
Saeta que voladora
cruza, arrojada al azar,
y que no se sabe dónde
temblando se clavará;
hoja que del árbol seca
arrebata el vendaval,
sin que nadie acierte el surco
donde al polvo volverá;
gigante ola que el viento
riza y empuja en el mar,
y rueda y pasa, y se ignora
qué playa buscando va;
luz que en cercos temblorosos
brilla, próxima a expirar,
y que no se sabe de ellos
cuál el último será;
eso soy yo, que al acaso
cruzo el mundo sin pensar
de dónde vengo ni a dónde
mis pasos me llevarán.

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