Giacomo Leopardi’s beautiful poem, “To the Moon”

This is a beautiful poem by Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837) called “To the Moon.” Leopardi is considered by many to be the greatest modern Italian poet, though he has not often been translated into English, partly because of the difficulty in expressing his language in English. So please forgive my work! 😛
My Translation
To The Moon
Oh lovely moon, as I remember
A year that’s turned, I come to gaze
Upon this hill, full of anguish:
And you’ve hung above the forest
Since then, as now, illuminating all.
But clouded by trembling and tears
Rising on my lashes, by my lights
Your face appeared, though suffering
Was my life: and is my life, never changing,
Oh dear moon. And yet I gain
From the memories, while time grows the range
Of my pain.  Oh how grateful I am
Of that youthful time, when hope is still
Long and memory’s course is brief,
Of the remembrance of things past,
Even the sad, and the hard distress!
Original Italian
Alla Luna             
O graziosa luna, io mi rammento
Che, or volge l’anno, sovra questo colle
Io venia pien d’angoscia a rimirarti:
E tu pendevi allor su quella selva
Siccome or fai, che tutta la rischiari.
Ma nebuloso e tremulo dal pianto
Che mi sorgea sul ciglio, alle mie luci
Il tuo volto apparia, che travagliosa
Era mia vita: ed è, nè cangia stile,
O mia diletta luna. E pur mi giova
La ricordanza, e il noverar l’etate
Del mio dolore. Oh come grato occorre
Nel tempo giovanil, quando ancor lungo
La speme e breve ha la memoria il corso,
Il rimembrar delle passate cose,
Ancor che triste, e che l’affanno duri!

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