For Li Ju, Scholar

For Li Ju, Scholar

Sikong Tu (~720–790)
The winds blow high before the five long peaks
To bring the life that lifts us from our flaws;
For miles around, no clouds – a lonely crane –
It seems the same, but he’s in heaven’s jaws.

Lǐ Jū Shì
Sīkōng Tú
Gāo fēng zhī zài wǔ fēng qián
Yīng shì jīng líng jiàng zuò xián
Wàn lǐ wú yún wéi yī hè
Xiāng zhōng tóng kàn què shēng tiān

Transliteration and Notes
Li Ju Scholar
Sikong Tu
High wind one at five peaks in-front
Must be essence spirit descend makes good
10,000 miles no clouds but one crane
Country midst same looks but ascend heaven

  • “Five peaks” could also be the place name, “Wufeng.”
  • “But one” can mean only, solo, etc.


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