Evening Haiku

Twitter Renga (Poetic
a lone wisp
floats through humid air—
the child follows
a quiet fawn
by the watering hole
looks up and knows
a line entangles
fractured thoughts
through the other side
he inhaled fragility
until it shattered
to became one
he touched her smile
and she was left
with all she’d done
prayer was all she knew—
forgotten, restless,
she entered the blue
nothing is skinny
when Little Boy
goes nuclear
Fire once burned
then simmered,
waiting to explode.
One day it burst,
nuclear blast left ash,
but now a young tree grows.
I seek
the wandering star,
compass of the night
we climb
the zig-zagged
picket fences
on the stairway
to suburban bliss
dual energies
shattered into one
as each revealed their all
drifting toward Hades
in a boat
unsuitable for sea
nightly brew
that neatly drugs
our daily life
who needs a man
in another land
when no one’s at hand?
constant drizzle
on a New York day—
if I was a kid
I’d hum
Singin’ in the Rain
green fruit loop
house at the end
of Elm Street
all I really want
is a chocolate croissant
near death
blue light/ning strike
quite unlike
a last breath
which day pills
sucked in thrills—
too late, can’t concentrate
what is purity
beyond puberty
in a wacked out world?
dVerse Renga
sugar crumbs
and china blues—
it hurts to live
the life you choose
fire red tongue
and giggling sounds—
what was it he said?
obsidian hair—
when he looked back
she had left
a single strand
and coral sands—
life’s fading kisses
a single seed
escaped, adrift
from the devil’s claw
garden of sin
garden of absolution—
where does it all begin?
phase shift reality
rains and rains
shoots death rays
time breaks
stands still
ten thousand maples—
Lhasan sandstorm,
wind—harp tune
unopened bow—
lovely on its own,
but inside, who knows?
they’re your friends—
’cause they’ll watch you
till the end
honey pools
and pools into
a buzz buzz
beeline tune
glutinous dilation
of Thracian hordes—
frustration with
the mutinous whores
Random Thoughts
fire think it’s won
but now the oxygen’s done
words feel trite
my soul seems slight
they danced
under the tree,
tomorrow unseen
an old man
eats a peach—
in the garden
a familiar tune
by the pond
a young girl looked
at a tree
and longed to climb
they carried fruit
but never returned
to Babylon
crows circled
in a hellish
on a boat
he knew there
once was land
her skin sang
opera librettos
with every move
she dreamed of snow
he dreamed of beach—
the glow of that
we cannot reach
I caught the dancer
before she fell
classical paintings
leave things conveniently
unsaid with leaves
waves crawled up
the shore
and all is gone
in the rumor mill
I hear the singing
of a little bird
those two ladies would kill
over who will foot the bill
lingering glances—
she hides
her covered lips
men climb
the endless water wall
to Hades
when she looks down,
what is it she sees?
she swims
into the sea to sing
a dolphin song
he wakes
but does not fear
what lurks
all tomorrow
in a lacquered box

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