Emperor Gotoba’s “I am weary” (Hyakunin Isshu #99)

Poem by Retired Emperor Gotoba (1180-1239)
I pity some
And curse the others
The flavor’s gone
The worldly cares
And I am weary
Original Japanese
Gotoba In Gyosei
Hito mo oshi
Hito mo urameshi
Ajiki naku
Yo wo omou yue ni
Mono omou mi wa
Literal Notes     
Person also [regrettable/disappointing/precious/dear/too-good-for/deserving-better/almost-but-not-quite/pity]
Person also [resent/curse/blame/regret/feel-bitter/malice]
[Flavor/experience/style] [spirit/mood] not
[World/society/age] [thought/feeling] [reason/cause/circumstance]
Thing [thought/feeling/care] [body/self]
Emperor Gotoba wrote this nine years before losing his throne when he failed in an attempt to take back imperial authority from the Shogun; the Emperor remained symbolic and Gotoba was driven into exile after watching friends die in the struggle. Although the timing does not work for a commentary on losing his thrown, he lived in an era of limited imperial power and constant struggles with the Shogun.

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