Drops from Keido Fukushima’s “Leaves”

wind and sea—
the leaves we leave
for other generations
little by little—
the leaves line up
to be lifted by the wind
pure sky—
awakened to sound
of single leaf
trees and skies—
the generations grow
from leaf to leaf
running in the wind—
searching for “self”
in the veins of time
water and life—
a drop in the moon’s
midnight reflection
moon and sea—
the life force of Earth’s
wandering expression
across the plots
of fertile Earth
this pent up globe—
from the smallest insect
to the greatest roots
that burrow in Earth

Artwork that inspired this: http://www.wikiart.org//en/keido-fukushima/leaves

Ideas were inspired from the overall composition of this work, the individual characters, and the root components of each character

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