Anchored at Jiande River

Meng Haoran
This anchored boat’s astir in fog and breeze,
As sunset rends my fears up once again,
But as the sky descends beneath the trees,
The river, moon, and quiet become my friends.


Chinese Pronunciation
宿建 Sù jiàn dé jiāng
移舟泊煙渚, Yí zhōu bó yān zhǔ ,
日暮客愁新。 Rì mù kè chóu xīn 。
野曠天低樹, Yě kuàng tiān dī shù ,
江清月近人。 Jiāng qīng yuè jìn rén 。

Literal Character Translation

Lodge Build Ethics River
Shift boat anchored fog bank,
Sun setting traveler worry fresh.
Field wide sky hangs tree,
River quiet moon near man.
1. “Build Ethics” is the literal meaning of Jiande.
2. “Near man” means close friend.

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