A Song Where I Belong

Inspired by Maxfield Parish’s “The Dinky Bird”
On the clouds
   Of fruit-filled dreams
I dream
   Of castles
      And fairy tales
One ladder
   Each step—
      A movement in time
Falling along a road
   Looking at the sky
Each kiss a melody—
   The words, a broken cord
Time protected
   In knots
And fortress walls
   As we swing by
Flower pots
   Along the fruit-
      Forbidden trees—
         But here’s the place
            Called Heaven’s Gate
Flying like a song
   Between the clouds—
I sing out loud
   Where birds belong
Pointing up
   As we fall down—
A dead-end route
   To hallowed ground
Medieval memories
   In the clouds of desire—
My love for you
   Is a burnt out fire
Copyright © 2016 by Frank Watson

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