A Play for Cold Meal Day

A Play for Cold Meal Day

Lu Yanrang (~ 900)
On Twelfth Street here it’s like a packed bazaar,
A world of dust that’s choked and cannot clear;
We work like ox until our sweat pours out,
No time to sit and watch the flowers near.

Hán Shí Rì Xì
Lú Yánràng
Shí’èr jiē rú shì
Hóng chén yàn bù kāi
Sǎ tí cōng mǎ hàn
Méi chù kàn huā lái

Transliteration and Notes
Cold Meal Day Play
Ten two street like market
Red dust throat not open
Sprinkle hoof white horse sweat
Have-no place to-see flowers come
     The title as the suffix, “贈李侍禦,” which means it is a poem written for Li Shiyu. “Red dust” means the “world of mortals” or “human affairs.”
     Lu Yangrang’s birth and death is unknown. Not much is known about him other than his fame in poetry and that he lived around the time of Emperor Zhaozong’s reign (888-904).

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