A Man with Crumbs

A tree top twig
   Beneath the empty sky
I look among
   The world’s connected strings
From a lofty view
   That’s twenty stories high
It’s here I see
   The flutters filled with wings
This morning’s hush
   As Hudson’s sparkle comes
Around it flows
   With autumn’s remnant leaves
The pigeon sky
   Above the man with crumbs
As they flock around
   And eat his cake like thieves
His hands still move
   But nothing now is heard
He made a pledge
   With truth that sounds like lie
In a reckless heart
   Accursed for constant word:
Where rabbits roam
   The roots, though deep, will die
When darkness comes
   It fills the space he seeks
In a moment’s time
   As star-lit jewels shine
(In holy books
   A thousand years will speak)
And he meets a sage
   Beneath a moon-lit sign
But fate will lead
   A pious man astray
And where he goes
   There’s none to show the way
Copyright (c) 2017 by Frank Watson

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